• Jaguar F‑PACE

    Jaguar’s most practical sports car.


    Jaguar’s first compact SUV.


    Introducing I‑PACE Concept, a preview of Jaguar’s first all-electric five-seater sports car.

  • Jaguar F‑TYPE

    Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive F‑TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car.

  • Jaguar XE

    Jaguar's most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan ever.

  • Jaguar XF

    Truly effortless performance, sheer driving pleasure.

  • Jaguar XJ

    A dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power.

  • SVO

    Luxury, performance and technology taken to the highest levels to create unique Jaguar cars.



As a forward-thinking business, we’re committed to playing an active role in the communities in which we operate.

We are always striving to create and maintain excellent community relations and to make a positive impact, which is why we invest considerable resources in addressing key issues which affect our communities and our business alike.

Jaguar Land Rover’s global Corporate Social Responsibility programme aims to create opportunities for 12 million people in our local and global communities by 2020. It operates through projects in areas such as Education & Talent, Design & Technology and Wellbeing & Health.

This is an on-going commitment. As we expand manufacturing into new territories, such as China, our ambition is that community involvement plays a key part in our business strategy.

Find out more about our global CSR programme here


As a key part of our global Corporate Social Responsibility programme, we’re working to equip the next generation with the skills they need to support more sustainable business in the future.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for apprentices, graduates and undergraduates. For example, we have a 200-strong research team at Warwick University, working on projects such as hybrids and materials engineering.

Through our ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers’ initiative, we also partner with schools in the UK to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects to help inspire young people to consider careers in engineering or manufacturing.

  • We operate six Education Business Partnership Centres (EBPCs) in association with local education authorities and education charities. The EBPCs run plant visits and classroom activities.

  • The Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge was launched in 2011 for school teams aged 5 to 11. The Challenge involves designing and manufacturing the fastest car possible in either 2D or 3D. Teams of children aged 5-7 take part in the 2D challenge and design a race car out of card, complete with wheels and body. The design is then printed and assembled ready to race. Older pupils aged 8-11 design and manufacture a race car in the 3D Challenge using CADCAM technology to create a balsa wood model. Students in both classes then perform tests before they race head-to-head against teams from other schools at the competition stage. The challenge teaches students about a range of science and engineering subjects such as design, manufacture and aerodynamics.

  • For more information, please click here
  • The Jaguar Maths in Motion Challenge is an annual competition for children aged 9+ and engages students in an exciting and motivating mathematics based project. Working together in small teams using a wide range of basic mathematical skills, they compete against each other in a Grand Prix type race to become UK Champions.

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    Find out about our Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers programme here


Working with expert organisations around the world our global Corporate Social Responsibility programme is also creating opportunities for our communities facing social, economic and environmental challenges.

For example working with expert partner ClimateCare, we offset all assembly emissions from our UK manufacturing plants: supporting projects which are switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, promoting renewable technology and improving energy efficiency.

Since 2013, our investment in the LifeStraw Carbon for Water Project with ClimateCare has given 1.9million people in western Kenya access to safe water at home. By reducing the need to boil dirty water, leading to less indoor air pollution from home fires and less deforestation from firewood collection the project also delivers a carbon saving of around 2.5 tonnes of CO2 a year for every filter used.

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Jaguar is committed to creating opportunities in our communities and supports community initiatives and partnerships in a variety of ways, including employee fundraising projects.

In the UK, we focus our corporate charity programme on the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and BEN, the automotive industry charity.


Our people are at the heart of our success. Their passion and commitment have always been key to creating exciting cars. And now they are using their skills to benefit the communities in which we work and live.

We encourage employees to volunteer for projects that support education, young people and the environment. This includes everything from working with disabled students and maintaining ancient woodlands to becoming school governors.